Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

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I've been putting off posting these pictures since it pains me to review anything by Enchanted Polish as anything less than amazing.  I have to admit that I was so super excited to get my order in from Llarowe--Octopus's Garden, Awesomeness, and Green Goblin and decided to kill two birds with one stone.  I absolutely fell in love with the mani that resulted, but a day and a half after wearing it, I noticed some color changes going on in Green Goblin.  It completely freaked me out since I don't usually look at my nails since I'm busy running around at work, but once I caught sight of the yellow I freaked.  It's mainly because my mom has an infection on one of her fingernails and I was suddenly phobic that I, too, would catch it.  Thankfully (?) enough it was just GG changing colors on me--but WHY was it changing colors?!  I've never had a polish do this to me before and it was really odd.  That morning at work I was constantly thinking about what could've caused such a change--maybe the glitter coat of Lite Brite I did by Lush Lacquer...?  But it didn't affect all of the nails with GG on it...only a few--and on different hands.  So strange!  My mom even noticed it--and she never notices anything on my nails.

I contacted Llarowe (didn't hear back from them) and Chelsea over at EP through facebook.  She asked if I would redo my nails and I agreed, curious to find out if it would change again.  It did.  The changes were even faster this time around.  I didn't have time to document it on the redo (my mind has been failing me these two weeks with the number of conferences and participants we have flying in) and contacted Chelsea again.  She told me to send it back to her and she would replace it.  I asked if I could possibly get something else--I really don't want to go through this again--and haven't heard a response yet.  Hopefully...  I do love Green Goblin, but I really don't want to experience color changes again.  All of the other Enchanted Polishes I own haven't done it's extremely puzzling.  The main reason why I removed the redo of GG was because Friday I had a lunch meeting/party with my office--supervisors, coworkers, etc., and I didn't want them to stare at my splotchy nails.  The color...the color when it was going on and the hours after (I have no idea how long it takes for the color to change since I do my nails at night/evening) was gorgeous, is gorgeous, but after.  Gah.  No.

It was so pretty...

Then this happened. D;
The top picture was taken in the morning, around 8:30.  The individual nail images were taken that afternoon.  You can see the significant amount of color change (it was already starting to go yellow!) from the morning to afternoon. that happened on my thumb.

Redone Green Goblin mani (it was so gorgeous)...which also changed colors (no images).

Man...I love green polishes, but this one...I don't fancy yellow-green at all...or yellow in general due to it making my fingers look sickly.  This was just an utter fail for me...and a huge disappointment since I absolutely love Enchanted Polish.  Maybe my nails just don't like the formula for this one...who knows.  I haven't worn Octopus's Garden yet but that one better not change colors--I've been waiting to own it and I'm SUPER excited to wear that one!

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Oh. My. GOSH.  I love love love Midnight Affair by Lush Lacquer.  It's a gorgeous glitter polish that has black and white matte glitter dots (small and extra small) and bars, matte black small squares, and shiny red bars and squares.  The application was amazing too--went on easily and required very little fussing over the glitter placement...and it was pretty smooth without top coat.  I added a little crystal heart to my accent nails and viola!  Done!  One of my favorite base colors with Midnight Affair on top...I want this mani to last weeks!!!  AND the crystals are still there after a hard day of work--even after lifting and assembling six heavy flip charts, boxes, and paper shuffling.

Colors Used:
 essie - Over The Top (base)
 Lush Lacquer - Midnight Affair



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