Mad for Plaid take two

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 05:52 pm
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 This is Sally Hansen's Real Polish Strips in Mad for Plaid take two.  Action.

Mad for Plaid

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 07:47 pm
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 The week after my sister's wedding was the last week of instruction for school...which equaled lots of stress as final papers needed to be handed in and the looming Korean final needed to be addressed.  So I took the easy way and applied another Sally Hansen Salon Effects polish strip mani in Mad for Plaid from their spring collection.  (Wedding nails are coming up--that's a huge post.)


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This is the mani I wore to my sister's bridal shower last Saturday.  My mom and I had matching nails--Sally Hansen Salon Effects in All a Flutter--except mine had flakies and glitter tips. ^^  This design is so cute and very spring!  I bought two boxes since I adored it...and my mom and I used one full box.  She's going to use half of the other one an wear the same design to my sister's wedding at the end of this month.  She actually still has these on her nails and besides normal tip wear, there's no chipping or major damage.  These pictures of my nails were taken after one week of wear--they still look good, right?  They only came off due to the glitter tips.

Colors Used:
  • Ludurana Trovao
  • HITS Jazz
  • OPI Teenage Dream
I am honestly loving these SHSE polish strips!

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So I decided to generally be lazy and use one of my many boxes of Sally Hansen Salon Effects polish strips...and what a fail it was.  I used half the box of Pink-A-Dot from the Spring collection and, man, was it ugly on my nails.  The pattern itself isn't's just that on me it was terrible and I hated it.  I admit the only reason why I even own this product is because it came bundled with another SHSE box of polish strips.  Guilty.  Terribly so.  So what I got for my laziness was ugly nails that turned out to be more work than they were worth--they popped off in two days.  TWO.  It seems the consequences for my laziness went further since I ended up painting my nails FOUR TIMES this week.  That's two times too many in my good opinion.  I'm only going to post two of the four polish changes since the last half of them were simple (white with black konad swirls; shimmery sheer pink with a rabbit on the ring finger).  The second polish change will follow in the next post for tumblr-linkage sake.

Colors Used:
  • Sally Hansen Salon Effects Pink-A-Dot
  • OPI - Black Shatter
  • Ludurana - Trovao
  • OPI - Not Like The Movies
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I've decided to put a ban on buying nail polish for myself until either [personal profile] jlailin, [personal profile] these_ordinary_days, or [personal profile] ancienthearts come home. This was sort of what prompted me to take a break--there's more than enough here to keep me occupied, right? There's actually two more bottles coming from Nfu Oh (omg, so excited!) and that will be it for the next couple of months. Promise.  Oh, and I just had to recapture Tony Moly's Earth--the previous swatch images did not do it justice.
The last haul... continues here... )
I've been meaning to get this posted, but it's been a crazy week so far. I've had an early Easter manicure on my nails since Sunday after removing the Sally Hansen Salon Effects tattoo polish strips. Honestly, I probably could have left the polish strips on for another week--there was only growth, minor tip wear, and minor chips, but I was itching to try out some of my new polishes. Before removing them, I swatched a England's Saint George and Ludurana's Trovao over it along with essie's Matte About You.
As you see, the tip wear on the polish strips wasn't too bad for being on a week. The flakies over Saint George were also terribly gorgeous...although you can't really see the holo effect Saint George contains due to it being a weaker holo and the bad lighting. Using a matte top coat also totally kills the holographic quality, but it makes the flakies pretty!

Here are my current nails. I didn't realize they were all Easter colors until my mother pointed it out. I used a majority of my new nail polishes on this one manicure--amazing, right? I also decided to invest in OPI's Alpine Snow after reading mixed reviews on it. I can honestly say that it's probably the best covering white polish out there. It was opaque with two coats (AMAZING) but I went for three just to be safe. Having white on your nails really makes them appear longer... I also used my new set of OPI's Nicki Minaj minis. Using Fly only reinforces my desire to own the full sized version of it. >_< (colors used) )
I also recently received my first etsy order!  I'll post pictures later since this post is already image heavy. ^^

New Polish Swatches

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 09:54 pm
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I'm so pleased to announce that our ([personal profile] jlailin and I) Llarowe order finally came in (which also means I finally get to mail [personal profile] these_ordinary_days her birthday present--none of which is included here)!  Since I'm still wearing the Sally Hansen Salon Effects polish strips (day 5...and still only has some minor tip wear and some unnoticeable chips on some nail tips--awesome!), I decided to swatch these on paper.  I know the effect isn't exactly the same, but I really wanted to see these out of the bottle (flakies swatched over black polish really brings out their effect!).  Some of the colors are slightly off...andI was willing to bust out my digicam for this, but it decided to crappy phone pics again it is.  I included essie's Shine ofthe Times to compare it to the new flake polishes.

The swatches done on the false nails are a mixture of all the flakies (except Shine of the Times).  Gorgeous, right?

Polishes Swatched:
  • Tony Moly - Earth: A grey-blue based jelly, a mixture of graphite and blue microglitter, and small pink iridescent hexglitter combine to create one of the most interesting glitter polishes I've ever seen.  Go here to see some awesome swatches of the Galaxy collection.
  • HITS - Lambada: "Clear base with copper, red, green golden yellow, and turquoise flakes" (Llarowe).
  • Ludurana - Trovao: "Clear jelly base with turquoise and green flakies" (Llarowe).
  • Ludurana - Chuva: "Yellow tinged jelly base with blue and copper flakies" (Llarowe).
  • essie - Shine of the Times: Clear jelly base with flakies that flash from orange, yellow, green, and purple/blue.
Gorgeous, right?  I can't wait to wear Earth!  I'm going to have a hard time deciding what to put on my nails next!

And this is all the stuff that came in today...four packages worth. O_o;;;

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This is the first time I've attempted Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips and, honestly, they're pretty darn cool!  I got these at Target for $9.99 (pricey, I know)...but I really wanted Love Letter, but it was all sold out.  This was my second choice, Tattoo Much?.

Here's the design/print of it off the SH website:

And here it is on the nail.

As you can see from my images (crappy phone ones again--sorry), there is some minor tip wear, but that was mostly because this was the third day they've been on.  It was that coupled with my less than stellar filing skills (I might have filed it off at the wrong angle...) that probably lead to the premature tip wear.  I also decided to coat it with a layer of Seche Vite and, let me tell you, it makes a difference.  The Seche made it all glossy and gorgeous!

Here's something else I found awesome.  Because I have shorter nails and the polish strips are LONG...I only opened and used one packet of 8 strips!  All I did was apply the strip on my left hand but cut it with a pair of scissors close to the tip and take the other half of it and stuck it on my other hand.  That means I used 5 strips for 10 nails--awesome, right?!  I used the remaining 3 strips to do my toes.  So half of the kit (1 vacuum sealed packet = 8 strips) did my nails and my toes.  This means I can do this mani again!  Woo hoo!

Today is the fourth day of wearing these (I applied then Saturday night) and, despite minor tip wear, they're still going strong.  Once I wash my hair tonight...we'll see if they can withstand it.  I did have my hands and nails waterlogged on Sunday due to some epic pizza making and wedding invitation stuffage going on (that probably contributed to the tip wear now that I think about it).

Conclusion.  I'm buying these again.  Two applications, hands and feet, from one box?  Hell yeah.  But only for special occasions...or to pamper myself. XD

Would you try these?


Nails this week...

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 10:54 am
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I dislike these nails.  I honestly do.  I was so excited to try essie's Shine of the Times, but it totally killed my base color.  T_T  I love the base color too since it is my own creation, but you can't see any of the awesome multi-colored glitter and the orange flakies change the shade of blue.  It was a total BOO when I put it on...but they're staying on this entire week because I'm too lazy to change it...and I was too lazy to use my digi cam (not worth it) so crappy phone images will have to do.

Colors Used:
  • essie - Shine of the TImes
  • my own creation (which has no name)

Anyone else excited to see how the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips turn out?  I AM.  (But it's so difficult for me to think about putting them on and opening that package...)



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