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Sunday, August 19th, 2012 08:23 pm
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I swatched my entire left hand but the other two fingers weren't included in the last post.

Naild'It - Berryeed Treasure
Sonoma Nail Art - Sonoma County Gazette
Sonoma Nail Art - Parasol
Sonoma Nail Art - Bubble Room
Lush Lacquer - Party Rock

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This is my entire collection, so far, of polishes from Sonoma Nail Art.  She doesn't ship to Hawaii so I had to go a "back route" and get it shipped to a friend in Chicago first (thanks Juu).  Anywho, the three colors I got are gorgeous!  There are a few more colors I'd like to pick up but she sells out so fast!  (That and I'm a polish ban...and she restocked 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea)  Each swatch on the nail is three easy coats. ^^


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I wore this some time was nice in an understated way.  I think this is three coats.  Starbright Sparkles is multicolored glitter in a sheer holographic base.

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Rainbow Honey had a promotion for free shipping (they charge a flat rate of $5.95 for shipping) so I decided to pick up the entire Equestira Collection in the mini 7ml bottles.  Half of these are gifts (I won't say who is getting what) so don't judge me!  These were also bought way in advance of my polish buying ban so I'm safe.  I'm also absolutely in love with the packaging and detail paid to the RH polishes.  Aren't they cute?!  I already own The Worst Possible Thing in the full sized bottle so I'll also include those images here.


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These are a few of the colors I mixed from suspension base, micas, and pigments.

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I dug up OPI's Absolutely Alice, one of my first and favorite OPI polishes.  I actually own three bottles of this since I love it so much (and it's discontinued).  Unfortunately my first bottle is pretty much thick no matter how many times I thin it.  So I moved onto my second bottle.  It was terribly gorgeous, but it chips really fast.  Took a shower after wearing this for a night and a day and it was chipped.  Cleaned a fish tank that same night and it chipped further.  It's safe to say that I took it off completely and am now wearing something else.  However, it's still a favorite of mine.  ^^  ..and my poor pinky nail! D:


Custom Mixed Color

Sunday, August 5th, 2012 04:26 pm
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Here's a custom mixed color I created.  Originally it was supposed to be The Dark Arts, but I added too much holo bar glitter for my liking.  We'll see what this becomes...if I ever get around to changing it.  It may be hard to see, but the black base has a fine green shimmer glitter in it...

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So I'm back to updating.  Sort of.  RL got in the way coupled with pure laziness which resulted in a time lapse between entries, pictures, andtumblr posts.  Our queue ran out of images...and because Janelle was in Hawaii with me we weren't taking pictures.  Heh.  Hopefully wecan build up the queue again since Julie may be sending in more images. *hint hint*

I wore this mani back in early July...right before my friend's wedding.  So...probably July 19th.

Colors Used:

  • Sinful Colors - Rise & Shine
  • Candeo Colors - Mallard
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I seriously just got this polish today and it is gorgeous.  It reminds me of f(x)'s Electric Shock for some reason...bright colors?  Square glitter?  Maybe...?  I dunno, but I love it.  And the fact that it's called Tetris--genius!  I'm a total sucker for square glitter so I just had to pick it up when it was restocked. ^^

"I'm in shock...Electric Shock!"

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Here are the bottle shots and close ups of Windestine's Hearts of the Forest for your viewing pleasure. ^^



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