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I wore this some time was nice in an understated way.  I think this is three coats.  Starbright Sparkles is multicolored glitter in a sheer holographic base.

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This polish is one that I won from Llarowe when she was having a giveaway.  It's a gorgeous purple holographic polish (more of a red-based purple than a blue one).  Hey, just because I'm on a polish-buying ban doesn't mean I can't win it!  ...or get it as a gift.  Or buy it for someone else as a gift.  ;D

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I'm in love with a England polishes.  They're highly pigmented, cover in 1.5 coats, and are just amazing.  I would love to own them all someday, but, for now, I only have six from both the Mythicals and Legends collections.

These are my two newest polishes from a England.  I purchased them when they had their promotion after achieving 5K facebook likes (polishes were  £ 5; normally they're  £ 9).  These two aren't listed on Llarowe so I decided to get them.  I would have gotten Holy Grail, but I was being cheap.

This is my collection. ^^
I'm actually currently wearing King Arthur.  The wear on it is incredible.  I had my hands wet practically the entire day and there isn't a chip in sight!

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Ah, yeah I don't think I'll be doing this nail art technique for a long took forever!  I used striping glitter tape to make the lines (just make sure your base color is completely dry before doing this!  I painted mine the night before.).  It's incredibly gorgeous and really subtle.  In indoor lighting it looks like one color with some interesting depth, but in the sunlight it's killer.  Completely love!  I do have to admit, though, that when I was doing it I was meong (멍)-ing out (meong = 'blank' in Korean).  It was oddly therapeutic.

Warning: This post is extremely image heavy!

Colors Used:
 a England - Bridal Veil
 a England - Saint George

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My replacement for Green Goblin came in today from Chelsea at Enchanted Polish!  It's a lot lighter than I expected it to be, but I'm a sucker for almost any kind of blue so it's all good.  The only gripe I have with holo polishes is their difficulty to capture on camera.  They're never as beautiful in a picture as they are in person...and this one is absolutely gorgeous in the sun.  I honestly cannot wait to wear this!

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After [personal profile] these_ordinary_days sent me pictures of her water marbling (so pretty!) I decided to just test some color combinations.  I did these right over my OPI DS Magic mani in the last post.  It didn't come out too bad...but it reminded me of why I hate water marbling.  It's super messy.  I didn't bother to tape off the area around my nails since I was just going to remove the mani anyway...but, ugh.  So messy!

I used all holographic polishes.  The first three are Enchanted Polish's Awesomeness and Gummy Worm while the last one is a England's Bridal Veil, Saint George, and Lady of the Lake.

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After hearing that Chelsea at Enchanted Polish would be discontinuing most of her colors, I decided to pick up a few more that I've had my eye on.  I decided to get Cranberry Cosmo, Starbright Sparkle, and Dizzy Mizz Lizzy.  I'm currently wearing CCosmo with Starbright over it...and it really isn't my color.  I'm not a fan of reds or this is just making me a little unhappy.  But it's still a gorgeous color....and I'll try Starbright over black or on its own in the future. ^^

Lastly, this is my entire EP collection...but I'm still waiting on Marge's Blue Beehive, a replacement for Green Goblin. ^^

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a England's Bridal Veil is the newest addition to my slowly growing a England collection.  I'm such a fan of dark colors, black especially, so this holo black polish is right up my alley.  I've only tried it as a dotting color, but I intend to wear it on its own soon enough.

Bridal Veil


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Ah, I finally took pictures of the swatches I had done weeks expect a lot more posts since today was a productive day for taking photos, editing them, and doing all the watermarking for both here and the tumblr. ^^  I've already swatched half of what is shown here, but looking at the pretty that is Enchanted Polish does not get old!  As I mentioned before, I had issues with the formula of Green Goblin and it was sent back to Chelsea, the creator of EP.  The color is's just too bad. D:  Instead, she's sending me Marge's Blue Beehive--so excited!  I love blues!


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The final (and current) nails of this week involved me testing out Enchanted Polish's Octopus's Garden.  I have to admit I was reluctant to put it on after the fiasco Green Goblin caused (Chelsea is sending me Marge's Blue Beehive to replace my GG!).  However, after [personal profile] these_ordinary_days told me she was wearing OG and that it was gorgeous...I was sold.  I decided to do something really fun since I have length to play with and because I finally got in my dotting tool set.  ^^   Also, to save on my EPs I decided to layer it over black (2 coats) after I made a sizable dent in Across the Universe through building it up.  This polish is so gorgeous and unique!  A deep purple holo that flashes pink and orange?  SOLD.

Colors Used:
  • OPI - Black Onyx (base & dots)
  • OPI - Alpine Snow
  • Enchanted Polish - Octopus's Garden (base)
  • Enchanted Polish - Awesomeness (purple dots)


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