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...I've obviously been listening to that song way too much.  But I think I have made it my unconscious goal in life to own at least one indie polish from every indie polish maker that has captured my attention.  I find myself buying at least one polish when sites I've never bought from before restock--especially if I've heard amazing things about them.  Proof in point is when Candeo Colors did a flash sale--I bought one--and when Rainbow Honey restocked today--I bought one.  It's like a habitual reaction--a very bad one too!  Anywho, I'm excited to get them...especially RH's polish since they have gorgeous packaging.  I am a total sucker for nice packaging--like Pam's whimsies or RH's boxes.  I like pretty things.  And men.

I just got in my orders from Naild'It and Once Upon A Polish today and they've all been swatched so images should be coming long as I get some decent sunlight this weekend (deja vu?  where have we heard this before?).  It'll be a massive influx of swatch posts--Lush Lacquer, Sinful Colors, Crows Toes Cheshire comparisons, Crows Toes and Lush Lacquer over different bases, Whimsical Ideas by Pam, Enchanted Polish, Once Upon A Polish, KBShimmer, Naild'It, and my own frankens are all coming your way soon.  Hopefully.

I also need to get to wearing all these polishes at least once!  So many pretties and so little ti--well, not really.  Oh what to wear next?!  So many choices~

Unworn polishes:
  Once Upon A Polish - Queen of Hearts
  Once Upon A Polish - Snow Queen
  Naild'it - Summer Lovin Melon
  Naild'it - Poison Apple
  Naild'it - Berryeed Treasure
  Sinful Colors - Savage
  Sinful Colors - San Francisco
  Whimsical Ideas by Pam - Kismet's Pajamas
  Whimsical Ideas by Pam - Peanut Butter and Jelly
  Lush Lacquer - Party Rockin
  Lush Lacquer - Birthday Cake

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I was just blog surfing today during my lunch break at work and stumbled across a post on Crows Toes Nail Color.  It's a line that I've never heard of, but I decided to check it out like I do all other sites.  There are only five colors on the website, but all are currently sold out (boo).  They are, however, all gorgeous.  Terribly so.  And, oh my goodness, two of them caters to my obsession with Alice in Wonderland.

Bottom row L-R: Black Diamond, Murder by #'s, Thing (unreleased)

So I mentioned above and to [personal profile] jlailin that there are a few things that I'm a sucker for. I don't think I've ever told anyone all of them (that I can think of), so here it goes.  Most of them you already know. ^^
  • Rabbits
  • Nail Polish
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Pride & Prejudice
  • Paris/French themed items
  • Music
  • Home Decor
I'm sure there're more, but I just can't think of them at the moment. ^^;;

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[personal profile] jlailin and I talked about doing this weeks ago but I guess we forgot.  Soo....yeah, here it is.  Welcome to the messy world that is my bag.  There's usually even more things in it (books, papers, etc.) but this is what it contains at the moment.  Yes, I carry a lot of stuff. =_=;

What's In My Bag:
  1. Integrated Korean: Advanced 2 book
  2. ASAN491K reading packets
  3. Car/House keys
  4. extra Samsung phone battery
  5. earphones
  6. Clean&Clear Oil Absorbing sheets
  7. Victoria's Secret Bombshell eau de parfum (mini)
  8. Etude House BB Compact Powder
  9. Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Lip Junkie lip gloss (travel size)
  10. Sinus Headache pills
  11. Tylenol
  12. Allergy medicine
  13. Pill case
  14. MK sunglasses
  15. Dior glasses
  16. pens/pencils/erasers/lead
  17. True Blue Spa Paraffin hand cream
  18. wallet/clutch
  19. Dasani water bottle
  20. Milkita Strawberry Milk candies
  21. Samsung GalaxyS smartphone
  22. Ricola Orange Vitamin C drops
  23. ThermaCare neck heat wrap
Holy hell no wonder my bag is always heavy.

It's your turn [personal profile] jlailin , [personal profile] these_ordinary_days, and [personal profile] ancienthearts.

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For the first time in my life, I attempted to make chocolate dipped strawberries...and they were/are delicious.  I cannot even explain how good and easy these are--I'll never pay for another one again (not that I, you know, was).



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I finally hit up TheFaceShop that opened recently in Hawaii.  While it's a small store, it's incredibly well organized and amazing.  I know I made that whole post on how education is expensive and how I have to save money...but, omg, my obsession with nail polish and makeup knows no bounds.  I've already given in and bought the complete essie Dive Bar collection off eBay (a post will follow once I get the order in)and three CG nail polishes so I wasn't too keen on spending a lot of money.  ...but it was so tempting.

I ended up buying two items, the Herb Day Lemon Cleansing Foam and Lovely ME:EX Make-Up Base in violet...which cost me a total of $10.47!  They were $5 each and completely worth it (so far) in my opinion.  Like a true Korean beauty shop, they threw in some free samples.  I'll definitely be going back for the Strawberry Smoothie Mask Pack I wrote about in the last post which retails for $14.
Also, I went through their offering of nail polishes ($8 each) and came across this beauty.  It's a black based polish that flashes all the colors of the rainbow--so gorgeous!  Since I couldn't justify buying it after purchasing the China Glaze polishes below...I'll be going back for it...or heavily bidding for it on eBay (should it be cheaper).
Since today was also a hair cut day (which means driving all the way out to Aiea), I usually go through their China Glaze collection.  Now, I went in for neons but left with none (thinking I'll buy some from the CG summer neon collection coming out soon) but did leave with two glitters.
Skyscraper is from the Fall 2011 Metro collection while Atlantis was released in 2009 as part of the Specialty Collection.  Skyscraper is a more muted blue packed with silver microglitter while Atlantis is a teal packed with holographic microglitter.  I'm definitely excited to wear these!  I know I could find these cheaper on eBay, but I do feel the need to support the salon since I go there so often.  I discovered they also sell Color Club and some Nubar (it's very very limited though).  I was also tempted to buy OPI Ink (I remember Janelle has this and it's gorgeous), but put it back for a later date.  I'm still working on that polish wish list...and it just keeps getting longer!

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What are a few of yours?



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