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For Bethy's wedding I decided to try out 3D nail art.  It was terribly flashy and a hindrance, but really neat looking.  I hated the nail glue I used since it bled into my cuticles and crusted there.  Plus it was so difficult to get off!  However, I do love the way these look and they were such statement nails.  Terribly crazy.

Gosh, I don't even really remember what polish colors I used...I think it was all Sinful Colors though.

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So I'm back to updating.  Sort of.  RL got in the way coupled with pure laziness which resulted in a time lapse between entries, pictures, andtumblr posts.  Our queue ran out of images...and because Janelle was in Hawaii with me we weren't taking pictures.  Heh.  Hopefully wecan build up the queue again since Julie may be sending in more images. *hint hint*

I wore this mani back in early July...right before my friend's wedding.  So...probably July 19th.

Colors Used:

  • Sinful Colors - Rise & Shine
  • Candeo Colors - Mallard
aikolynn: (f(x) - Dance)'s a mani that I'm dubbing "The Queen of SJ's Hearts."  It was completely unintentional to make it into a K-pop mani, but I waslistening to SJ's new album and felt inspired.  I'm still getting used to using my dotting tools for doing lettering so...yeah.  I was pretty muchexperimenting. ^^

Colors Used:
  • Sinful Colors - Savage
  • Once Upon A Polish - Queen of Hearts
  • OPI - Alpine Snow (lettering)
  • OPI - Black Onyx (shadow)
  • OPI - Last Friday Night (glitter on white lettering)
  • OPI - DS Magic (dark blue lettering)
슈퍼주니어의 6집 대박!  슈주 화이팅!!!

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I totally adore Once Upon A Polish despite only owning two of them.  Why?  Because they're named and inspired by fairy tales and Disney--how awesome is that?  I will be ordering more of these in the future--so cute!  She has a whole line inspired by The Little Mermaid!  I picked up Queen of Hearts for myself and Snow Queen for my mom. ^^

I'm actually currently wearing Queen of Hearts over Sinful Colors Savage--pictures will be posted soon!

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These are the only four colors I own by Sinful Colors...but this will change in the future!  I'm actually currently wearing Savage--pictures to follow in the future!  These are pretty good quality (although San Francisco looks a little thin...we'll see when I actually get to applying it).  For the price of $1.99 these are amazing!  And I usually do not like wearing light colors, but Cinderella is gorgeous!  I love it. <3

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...I've obviously been listening to that song way too much.  But I think I have made it my unconscious goal in life to own at least one indie polish from every indie polish maker that has captured my attention.  I find myself buying at least one polish when sites I've never bought from before restock--especially if I've heard amazing things about them.  Proof in point is when Candeo Colors did a flash sale--I bought one--and when Rainbow Honey restocked today--I bought one.  It's like a habitual reaction--a very bad one too!  Anywho, I'm excited to get them...especially RH's polish since they have gorgeous packaging.  I am a total sucker for nice packaging--like Pam's whimsies or RH's boxes.  I like pretty things.  And men.

I just got in my orders from Naild'It and Once Upon A Polish today and they've all been swatched so images should be coming long as I get some decent sunlight this weekend (deja vu?  where have we heard this before?).  It'll be a massive influx of swatch posts--Lush Lacquer, Sinful Colors, Crows Toes Cheshire comparisons, Crows Toes and Lush Lacquer over different bases, Whimsical Ideas by Pam, Enchanted Polish, Once Upon A Polish, KBShimmer, Naild'It, and my own frankens are all coming your way soon.  Hopefully.

I also need to get to wearing all these polishes at least once!  So many pretties and so little ti--well, not really.  Oh what to wear next?!  So many choices~

Unworn polishes:
  Once Upon A Polish - Queen of Hearts
  Once Upon A Polish - Snow Queen
  Naild'it - Summer Lovin Melon
  Naild'it - Poison Apple
  Naild'it - Berryeed Treasure
  Sinful Colors - Savage
  Sinful Colors - San Francisco
  Whimsical Ideas by Pam - Kismet's Pajamas
  Whimsical Ideas by Pam - Peanut Butter and Jelly
  Lush Lacquer - Party Rockin
  Lush Lacquer - Birthday Cake


Green Jelly Sammich

Friday, June 29th, 2012 09:07 pm
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After the ocean nails died I decided to give another go at wearing my electric green jelly polish (I had attempted it, but it was involved in a fatal smearing accident).  I swear, just between swatches and wearing it twice (one and a half?) a good portion of it is gone.   Anywho, I decided to layer some glitter in there for depth. ^^  Sadly these died after a really hard day of packing.

Colors Used:
  • Sinful Colors - Irish Green
  • Lush Lacquer - Flippin Out (previously known as Dippin Dots)
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Ugh, it's been another hard week at work and my nails took quite the beating between their length, book packing, moving, and all other sorts of fun hands-on things.  The polish changed three times this week due to boxes completely killing my electric green jelly nails (the next post to come).  But, all-in-all, redoing my nails has been quite therapeutic and a great way to de-stress after a long day at work.

So that "treat" I got from Walgreen's immediately went on my nails.  And since I had also gotten my polish in from KBShimmer, I wanted to use that too.  The result--Ocean nails!

Colors Used:
  • Sinful Colors - Cinderella
  • KBShimmer - Shipwreck
Now I'm moving on to posting the jelly nails...



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