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These are a few of the colors I mixed from suspension base, micas, and pigments.

Nails this week...

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 10:54 am
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I dislike these nails.  I honestly do.  I was so excited to try essie's Shine of the Times, but it totally killed my base color.  T_T  I love the base color too since it is my own creation, but you can't see any of the awesome multi-colored glitter and the orange flakies change the shade of blue.  It was a total BOO when I put it on...but they're staying on this entire week because I'm too lazy to change it...and I was too lazy to use my digi cam (not worth it) so crappy phone images will have to do.

Colors Used:
  • essie - Shine of the TImes
  • my own creation (which has no name)

Anyone else excited to see how the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips turn out?  I AM.  (But it's so difficult for me to think about putting them on and opening that package...)

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 Here's the nail polish I've been wearing the past two days.  I mixed it myself!  I love that it has both silver glitter and holo glitters.  Originally the color I mixed leaned more towards a dark purple, but after adding in a touch of dark blue shimmer, it turned into a navy-esque color.  In certain lights it looks black, but in the sunlight it's a gorgeous dark blue.
I mixed another color using a maroon/magenta shimmer as the base.  Since that color was gorgeous on its own, I didn't try to change the pigment too much, but I did add some candy apple red shimmer to it.  I also poured in some holographic glitter and a pink-based flaky iridescent glitter to add interest.  If I paint my nails that color, I'll post pictures. ^^



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