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I've already posted an ocean mani using KBShimmer's Shipwreck, but I could not leave out the bottle shots and swatches!  This is seriously a gorgeous polish!  The only gripe I have is that it's hard to read the label due to the awesomeness inside of the bottle...but that's minor. ^^  I was lucky to get this when KBShimmer restocked recently...and I couldn't decide on a friend to get with it so I only bought this one (that and I was trying not to spend so much money).  Love Love LOVE.  I'll have to go back and get some other polishes by KBShimmer in the future!

I shall post the swatches and bottle shots of Once Upon A PolishnAiL'dit and Lush Lacquer. ^^


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...I've obviously been listening to that song way too much.  But I think I have made it my unconscious goal in life to own at least one indie polish from every indie polish maker that has captured my attention.  I find myself buying at least one polish when sites I've never bought from before restock--especially if I've heard amazing things about them.  Proof in point is when Candeo Colors did a flash sale--I bought one--and when Rainbow Honey restocked today--I bought one.  It's like a habitual reaction--a very bad one too!  Anywho, I'm excited to get them...especially RH's polish since they have gorgeous packaging.  I am a total sucker for nice packaging--like Pam's whimsies or RH's boxes.  I like pretty things.  And men.

I just got in my orders from Naild'It and Once Upon A Polish today and they've all been swatched so images should be coming long as I get some decent sunlight this weekend (deja vu?  where have we heard this before?).  It'll be a massive influx of swatch posts--Lush Lacquer, Sinful Colors, Crows Toes Cheshire comparisons, Crows Toes and Lush Lacquer over different bases, Whimsical Ideas by Pam, Enchanted Polish, Once Upon A Polish, KBShimmer, Naild'It, and my own frankens are all coming your way soon.  Hopefully.

I also need to get to wearing all these polishes at least once!  So many pretties and so little ti--well, not really.  Oh what to wear next?!  So many choices~

Unworn polishes:
  Once Upon A Polish - Queen of Hearts
  Once Upon A Polish - Snow Queen
  Naild'it - Summer Lovin Melon
  Naild'it - Poison Apple
  Naild'it - Berryeed Treasure
  Sinful Colors - Savage
  Sinful Colors - San Francisco
  Whimsical Ideas by Pam - Kismet's Pajamas
  Whimsical Ideas by Pam - Peanut Butter and Jelly
  Lush Lacquer - Party Rockin
  Lush Lacquer - Birthday Cake

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Ugh, it's been another hard week at work and my nails took quite the beating between their length, book packing, moving, and all other sorts of fun hands-on things.  The polish changed three times this week due to boxes completely killing my electric green jelly nails (the next post to come).  But, all-in-all, redoing my nails has been quite therapeutic and a great way to de-stress after a long day at work.

So that "treat" I got from Walgreen's immediately went on my nails.  And since I had also gotten my polish in from KBShimmer, I wanted to use that too.  The result--Ocean nails!

Colors Used:
  • Sinful Colors - Cinderella
  • KBShimmer - Shipwreck
Now I'm moving on to posting the jelly nails...



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