Saturday, June 9th, 2012

It's all green to me.

Saturday, June 9th, 2012 12:20 am
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I finally got around to editing a whole bunch of swatches and mani pictures I've take in the past two weeks (it took forever)...because I washome sick with a cold.  Yeah.  It was a sinus infection in its early stages which served as a catalyst for an eye infection (which, my doctortells me, is quite common when it comes to sinus issues).  THANKS, BODY.  YOU ALWAYS BREAKDOWN WHEN I'M OUT OF SCHOOL. You can say that I'm a tad bitter...but I'm on antibiotics for both my sinuses (a 6 day run this time--yay!) and my eye (eye drops). on to the mani.  I kept it simple with a gorgeous holo green base and green glitter tips.

Colors Used:
  • Enchanted Polish - Gummy Worm (swatches coming soon!)
  • OPI - Fresh Frog of Bel-Air

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 Okay, this one is out of the ordinary color-wise for me.  A pastel pink base with  multi-colored glitter in was my way of trying to diversify my collection.  However, this one was a fail not for the color but for the application.  I knew after painting this on my mom's nails that it was thin so I decided, like a idiot, to layer it over Alpine Snow.  It wasn't my finest moment, but, honestly, I do not own a pastel pink creme polish I could've used as the base.  It ended up coming out horribly uneven despite the white base and caused me to layer multiple times...and they came off in a day.  So much effort for ONE DAY of wear.  Yeah, not doing this again.

Colors Used:
  • Tony Moly - Shooting Star
  • OPI - Alpine Snow (base)
  • China Glaze - Midnight Kiss  (gold stripe)
  • essie - Sexy Divide (purple stripe)

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 So...below the cut are swatches for Enchanted Polish's Across the Universe, Hey Jude, and Gummy Worm along side a England's Dragon.

enjoy! )

Lush Lacquer - Swatches

Saturday, June 9th, 2012 12:46 am
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So...yeah, obviously I've been bad and buying new nail polish before I said I would start again.  It's just that...these are indie polishes...and aren't always in stock!  Anywho, I just couldn't help myself and bought a few things from Lush Lacquer's etsy page (they're almost always in stock though).  I have another batch of three items coming from them, but it hasn't shipped out yet...but more swatches will follow once I have those in hand (newly released colors!).  For my first foray into LL's creation's I decided to buy one full-sized and two minis.

L-R: Party Rockin, Salt N Peppa, Birthday Cake

Currently, I'm wearing a black and white mani with Salt N Peppa on top of it...images will follow at a later date because I forgot to load them onto my computer (fail, I know).

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 FINAL POST OF THE NIGHT--I promise!  So...I posted about Crows Toes Nail Color a few weeks back and my order came in today!  I wasworried it was forgotten since my tracking showed no movement other than "Electronic Shipping Information Received."  I contacted thecreator and she assured me it was sent (emailed me back in minutes!).  Lo and behold it showed up at my doorstep today with the mailman.  Seriously, when you're sick, a package in the mail is like Christmas.  I tore into it and, goodness, the awesome shinies (SHINee?)! However, I also received an email saying she forgot to mix one of the glitters into Cheshire and would be sending a replacementfor it in the coming week.  Hell, Cheshire is gorgeous in its apparently incomplete state so I cannot imagine how much moreawesome it will be once I get the replacement!  I'm itching to wear Absolum--Your Potions Master. ITCHING.  This is the problem whenyou get so many new polishes at once--you keep wanting to change it!  (and the appeal to my Alice in Wonderland obsession!)

Full Size Images: Cheshire, Triple Black Diamond, Absolum
Look forward to mani images of these in the near future!  Crows Toes Nail Color is scheduled for another restock next Friday, June 15th!  Go here to purchase and here to stay informed!  These retail at $12 each, shipping not included.



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