Monday, January 30th, 2012

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 So I finally did the color blocked nail design...and it was agony.  Although I love the way they look (they're so cool and BAMF) they took entirely too long to complete.  And my lines aren't straight.  GAH.  My first issue was picking out the colors and matching types of polishes.  Because I barely own any cremes, it was entirely too difficult since having too much shimmer/glitter doesn't look as nice.  Color wise I own a lot of blue...and at one point I had picked blue, magenta, and silver, but thought it was a bit too unintentionally patriotic.  I ended up with a blue/gold glitter, a silver holographic, and a black creme. ^^

Colors Used
  • OPI - Absolutely Alice
  • OPI - Black Onyx
  • OPI - DS Coronation
  • China Glaze - Cheers to You! (base)
I also employed the help of some sticky labels to make my lines...

Here are some tips...
  • Try to pair different types of polish with each other.  For example, I used a creme, glitter, and a holo.
  • Paint your base color the night/day before so it has ample time to dry...if not the labels will just rip the polish off and you'll have to start from scratch.
  • Have patience.  Seriously this is the most important one!
  • Start with a color that dries quickly so there is less wait time in between colors/coats.  I started with my glitter over the base since it dries faster than a creme.
  • Vary the direction of the angles on each finger to get a more edgy, non-precise look.
  • Have more patience for drying times.
  • I worked with one color at a time in a pattern on each hand (middle-bottom-top/top-middle-bottom, etc.).
  • After painting in the black and blue glitter areas, I went back in with the silver holo and carefully filled in the void left by the raised polishes.  Yes, this was free-handed, but it doesn't have to completely fill the void since the base was the same silver holo.
  • Top coat and don't expect this to be long-wearing.
I think this would even look nice with just two colors.  After painting the blue glitter triangle as a middle section, it looked cool and I was so tempted to leave it...but I didn't. ^^;  Maybe next time.  MAYBE.



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