Monday, July 16th, 2012

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Since Janelle came home, we did a polish exchange (I handed over her Whimsies while she slipped me my Windestine) and I just had to test out Windestine's Hearts of the Forest.  My mom actually swatched it on herself right after I showed it to her--the glittery goodness was just too difficult to resist!  Anywho, the reason Janelle bought this for me is because Windestine, like Sonoma Nail Art, does not ship to Hawaii.  Understandable since I've done research on shipping and whatnot.  So, like the amazing friend she is, she bought it for me and brought it back with her.  Sadly this mani is still barely hanging on as I'm having serious issues with lifting these days--my nails are just too long!  Between work and home, my nails take a beating shock wise with typing  coupled with other things.  I swear, I was wiping a dish yesterday and accidentally caught my nail on it and the polish near my cuticle just popped up.  /sigh  I have these issues and I cannot wait to cut my nails shorter next week.  I mean, I like the way they look long, but the impracticality of them is driving me crazy!

Gorgeous, right?  I layered it over OPI's Did It On 'Em from the Nicki Minaj collection (and I would never wear that base color alone).

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Here are the bottle shots and close ups of Windestine's Hearts of the Forest for your viewing pleasure. ^^

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I seriously just got this polish today and it is gorgeous.  It reminds me of f(x)'s Electric Shock for some reason...bright colors?  Square glitter?  Maybe...?  I dunno, but I love it.  And the fact that it's called Tetris--genius!  I'm a total sucker for square glitter so I just had to pick it up when it was restocked. ^^

"I'm in shock...Electric Shock!"



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