Saturday, June 30th, 2012

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Ah, I finally took pictures of the swatches I had done weeks expect a lot more posts since today was a productive day for taking photos, editing them, and doing all the watermarking for both here and the tumblr. ^^  I've already swatched half of what is shown here, but looking at the pretty that is Enchanted Polish does not get old!  As I mentioned before, I had issues with the formula of Green Goblin and it was sent back to Chelsea, the creator of EP.  The color is's just too bad. D:  Instead, she's sending me Marge's Blue Beehive--so excited!  I love blues!



Saturday, June 30th, 2012 09:00 pm
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Like most girls who are into nail polish, I decided to mix my own colors--franken--and I came up with five different frankens by mixing old or almost empty polishes.  The were unnamed until recently...and, yeah.  It's all a little embarrassing for some odd reason...naming your own polish, that is.  Anywho, Love Sparkling* was actually made for my mom who loves wearing that color. ^^

And I actually wore  's in the dark recently...

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Ah...Whimsical Polish by Pam...I only own three but these are already some of my favorites based on packaging alone.  I am weak for pretty packaging and, gah, I just love the appearance of her polish bottles!  Everything from the label to the ribbon...but it's really the polish I should be focusing on, right?  Well, that too is amazing.  Here are swatches for the three Whimsies I own (I couldn't resist multiple bottle shots too!).


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I've already posted an ocean mani using KBShimmer's Shipwreck, but I could not leave out the bottle shots and swatches!  This is seriously a gorgeous polish!  The only gripe I have is that it's hard to read the label due to the awesomeness inside of the bottle...but that's minor. ^^  I was lucky to get this when KBShimmer restocked recently...and I couldn't decide on a friend to get with it so I only bought this one (that and I was trying not to spend so much money).  Love Love LOVE.  I'll have to go back and get some other polishes by KBShimmer in the future!

I shall post the swatches and bottle shots of Once Upon A PolishnAiL'dit and Lush Lacquer. ^^



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