Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

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So apparently I'm playing catch-up in more than one way these days.  Yes, I will finish the RM 20 Day challenge eventually, but I need to make gifs and I've been lazy. ^^;  So this post is catching up on four of Sephora's One Quick Question from their facebook page.

What fragrance are you wearing today?
Today I'm wearing Victoria's Secret's Bombshell fragrance--my favorite.  I will own the full size one of these days...the minis I got after Christmas are almost empty and the body spray version just doesn't last as long.

Would you rather have perfect skin or perfect hair?
Perfect skin.  Achieving perfect hair can be done more easily than getting perfect skin.  Because I struggle with acne dark spots, it's a slow process to get them to lighten (but they've improved a lot since using Garnier's Dark Spot Remover.  My hair is far from perfect and, honestly, I feel no need to style it most days.  I just have to live with it falling where it wants to--plus it feels a lot nicer without product in it. ^^

Do you have nail polish ADD?
Yes, but I have a mild case of polish ADD.  I change my polish probably twice a week at most and it's usually forced changing due to serious chipping or lifting.  I honestly don't understand how some people can change their polish daily--that's too much work for me!

At what age did you start wearing makeup?
Hmm, this is a difficult question.  Does glitter gel count as makeup?  I remember wearing glitter gel on my eyes since I was in elementary--4th grade?  Something like that.  I also remember wearing some Wet 'n Wild polishes when I was that age too (I distinctly recall a dark purple creme I was in love with).  As for actual foundation, it was probably in 6th grade or 7th grade when my acne got a lot worse.

So what're your answers to these questions? ^^

EDIT:  Not two seconds after I finish typing in the MUSIC section my polish pops off my right index finger.  WHAT.  I wonder if I can glue it back on...



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