Sunday, May 6th, 2012

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I am a betrayer!  I never thought anything would come close to or overcome my love for K-Palette's tattoo liner...but something has.  I swore my undying devotion to K-Palette after trying their eyeliner and have praised it as being amazing (it still is!), but, oh my gosh, I have a new love.  It's by, surprise surprise, Urban Decay.  I've always loved UD products but their new (or should I say repackaged?) eyeliners are amazing.  I've already gushed about them to [personal profile] jlailin...but, okay, they aren't perfect, but what product ever is?

LtoR: Woodstock, Eldorado, Smog, Siren, Radium, Sabbath, Retrograde, Demolition, Perversion, Bobby Dazzle, Revolver
The UD liner came into my possession not by choice but by chance.  It came in my UD Book of Shadows IV after I purchased it from Nordstrom Rack last month.  Using it was purely on a curiosity basis, but it's amazing.  The brush takes some getting used to, but it wasn't terribly challenging after using a paintbrush-tipped liquid liner for over a year.

 Color payoff
 long-lasting formula that doesn't fade
 long applicator handle
 Color selection!

 The eyeliner rubs off when wet into little particles
 Need to use a primer and shadow under it for maximum stay

The two cons are the only gripes I have about this liner.  I tested out Woodstock today without any primer or shadow and it rubbed off without me knowing (truthfully I fell asleep and when I woke up it was gone.  All of it.  No traces.  Yay...?).  Generally the eyeliner stays really well, but my oily skin probably wasn't great for it.  What's nice is that it doesn't smudge, but just sort of flakes off.  This makes reapplication and cleanup a lot easier.  I had issues with my eyeliner being even when I was getting ready for my sister's wedding and being able to just rub it off and start over without disturbing my eyeshadow was great.  I did set the liner with a bit of black shadow just to ensure that it stayed the whole night and it's great.  I usually don't do that step so I'm not sure if it made a difference or not. ^^

I currently own PerversionWoodstock, and Radium but I hope to add Bobby Dazzle to my collection...and possibly Retrograde. ^^



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