Sunday, April 15th, 2012

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This is the mani I wore to my sister's bridal shower last Saturday.  My mom and I had matching nails--Sally Hansen Salon Effects in All a Flutter--except mine had flakies and glitter tips. ^^  This design is so cute and very spring!  I bought two boxes since I adored it...and my mom and I used one full box.  She's going to use half of the other one an wear the same design to my sister's wedding at the end of this month.  She actually still has these on her nails and besides normal tip wear, there's no chipping or major damage.  These pictures of my nails were taken after one week of wear--they still look good, right?  They only came off due to the glitter tips.

Colors Used:
  • Ludurana Trovao
  • HITS Jazz
  • OPI Teenage Dream
I am honestly loving these SHSE polish strips!

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I decided to finally test out my Nfu Oh polishes.  I only own four--GS14, 51, 52, 61--but they're all gorgeous.  I've swatched GS14 on my nails before, but I decided to do all the ones I own.  51 & 52 are flakies and 61 is a linear holographic polish.  I have to admit that 61 is the best linear holo I have seen...ever!

The next post will have my current mani with 61 and a England's Saint George...along with a video to show off the holo.


Holographic mani

Sunday, April 15th, 2012 06:26 pm
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 Please excuse the messy cuticles--I haven't had time to clean them up since I just wanted to catch up on posts.  I literally put this on last night and haven't done much else to it.  There's a video at the end to really showcase the holographic awesome of Nfu Oh #61 (watch it in 720p for best accuracy). ^^

Tip: When using holographic polish, skip the top coat.  It dulls most of the holographic effect!



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