Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

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I've decided to put a ban on buying nail polish for myself until either [personal profile] jlailin, [personal profile] these_ordinary_days, or [personal profile] ancienthearts come home. This was sort of what prompted me to take a break--there's more than enough here to keep me occupied, right? There's actually two more bottles coming from Nfu Oh (omg, so excited!) and that will be it for the next couple of months. Promise.  Oh, and I just had to recapture Tony Moly's Earth--the previous swatch images did not do it justice.
The last haul... continues here... )
I've been meaning to get this posted, but it's been a crazy week so far. I've had an early Easter manicure on my nails since Sunday after removing the Sally Hansen Salon Effects tattoo polish strips. Honestly, I probably could have left the polish strips on for another week--there was only growth, minor tip wear, and minor chips, but I was itching to try out some of my new polishes. Before removing them, I swatched a England's Saint George and Ludurana's Trovao over it along with essie's Matte About You.
As you see, the tip wear on the polish strips wasn't too bad for being on a week. The flakies over Saint George were also terribly gorgeous...although you can't really see the holo effect Saint George contains due to it being a weaker holo and the bad lighting. Using a matte top coat also totally kills the holographic quality, but it makes the flakies pretty!

Here are my current nails. I didn't realize they were all Easter colors until my mother pointed it out. I used a majority of my new nail polishes on this one manicure--amazing, right? I also decided to invest in OPI's Alpine Snow after reading mixed reviews on it. I can honestly say that it's probably the best covering white polish out there. It was opaque with two coats (AMAZING) but I went for three just to be safe. Having white on your nails really makes them appear longer... I also used my new set of OPI's Nicki Minaj minis. Using Fly only reinforces my desire to own the full sized version of it. >_< (colors used) )
I also recently received my first etsy order!  I'll post pictures later since this post is already image heavy. ^^


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