Friday, January 20th, 2012

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I finally got around to doing this. I know the list will keep changing, but these are the ones I've written down on pieces of paper over the past year.

Any polish you'd love to own?


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 Here's the nail polish I've been wearing the past two days.  I mixed it myself!  I love that it has both silver glitter and holo glitters.  Originally the color I mixed leaned more towards a dark purple, but after adding in a touch of dark blue shimmer, it turned into a navy-esque color.  In certain lights it looks black, but in the sunlight it's a gorgeous dark blue.
I mixed another color using a maroon/magenta shimmer as the base.  Since that color was gorgeous on its own, I didn't try to change the pigment too much, but I did add some candy apple red shimmer to it.  I also poured in some holographic glitter and a pink-based flaky iridescent glitter to add interest.  If I paint my nails that color, I'll post pictures. ^^

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When Sephora released the BB Creams by Bosica, Clinique, and Dr. Jart (which is actually an Asian company), I thought that was the extent of this "Asian invasion" on the mainstream Western beauty market...I was wrong.  Apparently, the popularity of BB Cream has extended to drugstore makeup as Garnier is now planning to release its own line next month.  Of course, I'm skeptical because most of the BB Creams I've tested from the other "American released" brands are terribly expensive and way too dark.  The problem with BB Creams in general is the limited color range--usually 1-3 different colors.  However, it does seem that the American companies are out to make some major money off of this popular Asian product.  The Garnier version will only cost $12.99 which isn't too bad considering those sold at Sephora range from $22-$40 for a regular sized tube.  The BB Cream I use, Etude House's Precious Mineral All-Day Strong, goes for about $16 on eBay and is originally priced at 14,500 won.  I am curious to try the Garnier line due to the fact that their products have been very good to me (think Dark Spot Corrector and Moisture Rescue Gel Creme), but return policies at drug stores often aren't cosmetic-friendly.

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I'm very picky when it comes to BB Creams...and terribly hard to please.  I've tried a bunch and they've all failed to meet my expectations except for Etude House's...but even with that one I have some issues.  We'll see...but I do stand by the belief that BB Creams are better than foundation. ^^

You also have the opportunity to win a sample of Garnier's new BB Cream once it becomes available. Just go to their website and fill out the form. ^^

Edit: After doing a bit more browsing, I came across articles that state this year the "in" trend is BB Creams while tinted moisturizers are getting the boot.  Apparently Smashbox also has a BB Cream--who knew?  I know in Asia Maybelline and some of the other American drug store brands carry BB Creams, but maybe they'll be releasing them stateside. ^^

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And thank God those feather hair things are listed as an "out" item this year.



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