Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

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So I decided to try the sort of splatter technique that utilizes a straw to apply the nail polish.  The design is really cool and very interesting, I must say, but the process and the clean up was terrible.  I even taped off my fingers, but the polish still got every where and I had to wipe my desk down with nail polish remover after (despite laying down paper to work on).  I like them, but I think thinner polishes would work a lot better since the end result is quite thick.  I'm sure it didn't help that I did these right over my manicure that was for this week (yes, it didn't even last three days before I changed it) which consisted of four coats of Nicole by OPI's It's All About the Glam.

I do love these.  They're unique and you can't ever really replicate the same design, but it also used up a lot of polish.  Next time I think I'll go with cheaper polishes instead of feeling like I'm wasting my OPI and China Glazes on paper and straws (which is where most of it ends up).  The clean up wasn't easy either.  Taping off my fingers helped some, but I found that immediately using an orange stick to clean up the cuticle line worked a lot better than using nail polish remover.  After top coating and letting it dry, I soaked my hands in warm water and did a manicure sugar scrub which took all of the polish off my skin. ^^

It's like nail art trash art. XD
I think this design will look cool with all sorts of colors as long as there's contrast.  I chose these because they were the ones I intended to do my manicure this week with.  I also like this combination because there's a combination of cremes, glitters, and shimmers.  After doing this, I also realized that there might not even be a need for a base color since you can't even see mine any more. ^^

Colors Used:
  • Nicole by OPI It's all about the Glam (base; from the last nail post)
  • Nicole by OPI Shoot for the Maroon
  • OPI Black Onyx
  • Sephora Curacao
  • Revlon Blue Mosaic
  • Nail Art White
What color combinations would also look good?



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